Supervision & Training

As an approved supervisor, Kelly McNew  is offering clinical supervision in an individual and/or group format for licensed graduate professional counselors in the state of Maryland completing their internship hours toward licensure.  If you are interested in becoming a Registered Play Therapist, Kelly is an approved supervisor by the Association for Play Therapy.  Kelly also can provide training and workshops on a variety of topics pertaining to children's mental health issues.   If your organization, school or agency is interested, please contact Child Parent Counseling for more information.

Psycho-educational Sessions

Child Parent Counseling welcomes the opportunity to talk with you and your organization or school about providing specialized educational sessions related to social and emotional development, play therapy, parenting or mental health issues for children.  Child Parent Counseling may provide this service for free or at low cost depending upon your organization and need.  Please feel free to contact Kelly McNew to discuss more about this opportunity. 

Services Offered


Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Our therapists have a background and training that is rich in the social-emotional development of early childhood and/or play therapy.  We can provide mental health consultation to pre-schools and childcare providers.  We are a resource for other parenting and mental health agencies serving young children.  Observation, assessment, on-site play therapy, training, referral and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams are examples of some of the expertise we can provide.

Play Therapy

Individual, group and family play therapy is offered at Child Parent Counseling.  Play therapy is a developmentally responsive modality that can be used to prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties that arise in childhood.  It is considered an effective treatment for a broad range of children's problems.  Children lack the language and thinking skills to work out their feelings and problems through talking.  Play therapy utilizes play, the language of children, to provide a safe and accepting environment to explore difficult feelings, identify solutions and work through problems.  In play therapy, children use puppets, sand tray, art materials, pretend play and other therapeutic games and toys to express difficult emotions, identify solutions and practice new methods of relating to others.  Play therapy is best suited for children between the ages of three and twelve.


Child Parent Counseling also uses sand tray therapy in the play room.  Sand tray therapy is a type of expressive therapy used for children, teens and adults.  People are drawn to the rich sensory experience of using the sand to create their world.  Small miniature toy figures and objects are used in the sand  tray however the client chooses.  Working in the sand tray may help develop insight into problems, resolve conflicts and express internal tensions and struggles that aren't easily expressed through words.  Self-awareness and communication are often enhanced through the symbolic expression of a client's inner world.

We partner with parents to provide individualized behavior management recommendations and solutions to manage difficult behaviors at home and school.  Family sessions help bridge communication gaps and provide understanding of family dynamics and challenges in a netural setting.  Parents gain tools to set consistent limits and expectations and families work more collaboratively together.

Services for Professionals

Counseling & Consultation

Whether you are an expectant parent seeking emotional support for the challenges of pregnancy, feeling overwhelmed by the emerging independence of your two year old or concerned about your teenager, Child Parent Counseling can help.  We provide a supportive and nurturing  environment to discover the unique needs and strengths of your family.  Consultation and counseling at Child Parent Counseling utilizes evidence-based approaches to work with children and families prenatal to early adulthood.  Counseling often draws from the following therapies and theories: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory and directive and non-directive play therapy and sand tray therapy.  Parents can receive specialized consultation through individual sessions.  Children and adolescents may benefit from individual, group or family counseling.  Upon our initial meeting, Child Parent Counseling will discuss with you the recommendations that may best help your family.  We specialize in services provided for the following stages of parenting & development:  

  • Pregnancy & Post-partum

  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers-Elementary
  • Pre-teen to Teenagers/Early Adulthood